Server-side Components

Back Office, Server-Side Components and Batch Processing

At BlackJet Software, we have been developing high-performing, business-critical components that run at the heart of major companies, for over 16 years. From rules engines used in pharmaceutical drug manufacture, to complex fee calculation and billing systems for Insolvency Practitioners, to price calculation engines for the insurance industry capable of rapidly producing thousands of customised quotes every second.

We have developed rules engines for laboratory automation systems that dictate the sampling and testing requirements for batches of active ingredients, excipients, intermediates and final products, that take place during pharmaceutical drug manufacture. These systems, built within an ISO 9001 quality environment, and validated according to FDA guidelines, have been successfully running for many years in the production plants of some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Individual Voluntary Arrangements, or IVAs, are a formal alternative to bankruptcy, available to individuals in the UK. Managing the process, which can often continue for five or more years, is complex and often supervised by debt management companies, who require a fee for their service; these fees are subject to stringent case-specific capping conditions. We have the experience of designing and building a high-performing, automated fee calculation system, capable of enforcing these complex fee capping conditions, and this has been successfully running at a well-known debt management company for over four years, where it performs millions of daily calculations and continually manages the fee entitlements for tens of thousands of cases.

The pricing of an insurance or warranty product can be highly variable, being dependent on each customer’s requirements, and often involving complex calculations and lookup tables to produce an individually-tailored price for each customer. To enable new products to be quickly configured, and rapidly brought to market, we have developed a pricing platform for the insurance industry that enables complex, multivariate prices to be easily defined, and published to all sales channels to provide a customised price for each customer.

As illustrated by these examples, we have many years of experience building back-end components for systems in industries where reliability and performance are paramount.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements for back office systems, server components, and process automation and we’ll explain how we can help you.